Choosing the Right Men’s Belt


The belt he wears identifies every man’s fashion sense. Wearing a belt as is expected is an indication that one understands what clothes’ suit him best. Mismatching or mistaking which belt to wear on the other hand is an indication for further training on how to choose the most suitable attires.

The good thing is that every man can learn how to choose the right belt for his attires. It is based on common sense. The extra factors are personal preferences, which can be largely expressed in the choice of belt. Here are ways through which you can easily choose a good belt.


A belt from with the right length needs to be a few inches longer when a man buckles up. Make sure the surface left is long enough to fit in your belt’s loop. You would rather have a shorter belt than an extremely long one that wraps a long leather tail around your hip for a second time. Casual belts could be more flexible but the bottom line is that belts need to be the right length not to end up with an awkward look.

To choose the right length of belt it is advisable to go for two or three extra lengths than what you normally wear. Checking from the store is a better idea. Get the desired extra fit by wrapping the belt over your waist on top of your pants.

Size of belt’s Buckle

Large buckles about belts indicates less formality. For a dress belt that is used formally, the buckle needs to be small and flat. On the other hand, large, round buckles are best suited for informal functions. In addition, match the colors of the buckle with any jewelry you may be wearing be they cufflinks or tie tacks that can be silver or gold as the belt’s buckle.

Leather quality

Quality is what sets apart the prizes of what seem like similar belts. Confirm that the leather from which the belt is made is soft and fresh. Confirm this quality by scratching lightly on the inner side of the belt and observe any faint markings.


Good sewing is part of a good belt’s characteristic. No loose endings occur because the finishing was superbly done. In addition, find out if the buckle is well positioned before you pay for any goods. Check out for a video about men’s fashion wears.

Brand name

This is the least significant factor but surprisingly leads as what most men fall for. Some people will spend more on the brand especially if it is designer. The important thing though would be to focus on spending money on products of high quality than flowing with the brand.


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